Improve the efficiency of food safety supervision and promote the healthy development of food industry
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Improve the efficiency of food safety supervision and promote the healthy development of food industry

China News (reporter Zhang Lijuan) according to the relevant requirements of the decision of the State Council on strengthening food safety and the 13th five year plan for national food safety, 23 departments including the food safety office of the State Council, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of Commerce, the health and Health Commission, the State Administration of market supervision and the state Internet Information Office officially launched the 2019 national food safety program on June 18. A series of activities of product safety publicity week. As one of the important activities of national food safety publicity week in 2019, on June 19, the big data exchange meeting for healthy development of food industry was held in Beijing.

Focusing on the theme of this year's food safety publicity week, the conference focused on the sustainable development of food, catering and health industries, as well as the supervision and monitoring of food safety in the relevant industry chain. Focusing on the new technology, platform, format and development of the food industry, it explored the modernization of the food safety management system and management capacity in the era of big data on the Internet, and improved food safety. Full regulatory effectiveness to promote the healthy development of the food industry.

Food safety is related to the health and life safety of more than 1.3 billion people in the country. It is a project of people's livelihood and popular support, and also a major and arduous political task. Ji Chao, a first-class inspector of the product quality and safety supervision and Management Department of the State Administration of market supervision, said that according to the regulatory concept of "prevention first, risk management, whole process control, and social co governance", the state regulatory authorities have increased reform efforts, strengthened regulatory measures, and made efforts to regulate the production and operation of food related products, and actively promoted the protection of food safety. The specific measures mainly include strengthening supervision and spot check, paying close attention to risk monitoring, comprehensively promoting the reform of notification commitment, actively organizing the national food related product supervision and inspection actions, etc.

Bi Yuan, Commissioner of food production safety supervision and management division of the State Administration of market supervision and administration, put forward the following suggestions to promote the construction of the Internet + food regulatory platform and further improve the database: first, speed up the construction of Internet + food safety system and implement "intelligent supervision"; second, integrate regulatory data at all levels, establish database groups and data connection pools; third, promote "Internet + food" supervision strictly implements the main responsibilities of producers and operators. Fourth, everyone participates in food safety and forms a common governance system for sharing food safety.

In his speech, Yang Liu, President of the World Federation of Chinese restaurant industry, shared the international experience of big data in the field of food safety represented by many European countries. According to Yang Liu, big data is a massive data set with features of large capacity, multiple types, fast access speed and high application value. It is a global trend to use big data to promote economic development, improve social governance and enhance government service and regulatory capacity

Cao Xiaoyan, director and researcher level senior engineer of radio, TV, metrology and Food Testing Research Institute, said that at present, the introduction of big data technology in the field of food safety not only conforms to the national strategic guidelines, but also has rich industry practice experience as the practical basis. The third-party testing agency should work together with all sectors of the industry to build a big data platform for food safety and jointly protect the people. "Safety on the tip of the tongue".

At the conference, the food safety "big data visualization platform" and the food safety "self discipline promotion alliance" were officially launched. The guests involved in the launch included Lin Yilun, the public image ambassador of the visualization platform, Qiao Dawei, the star observer, representatives of testing institutions, experts and scholars, chef representatives, technical support party 360 company, some representatives of catering and food enterprises, etc.

It is understood that the food safety big data visualization and integration platform will basically cover all kinds of catering, food and health enterprises, promote the development of enterprise and unit food safety information disclosure and food processing operation process visualization, intelligence and integration, and promote the progress of food safety with the power of integration of science and technology.

At the same time, the platform will rely on big data for accurate analysis, enhance the transparency of food safety management framework, use big data to improve production supervision efficiency, help the "visual" development of food safety supervision chain, form a situation of open sharing and co governance, and make people's food and beverage consumption safer, more assured and more satisfied.

Experts in the industry said that in recent years, the party and the state attach unprecedented importance to food safety, and the people's demand for food safety is also growing, "food safety self-discipline promotion alliance" hopes that enterprises and entrepreneurs with conscience can unite to shoulder the mission of maintaining the food safety needs of Chinese people.

Li Wenzhi, group vice president and IOT president of 360 company, said that the development of intelligent hardware has brought more access to network data, thus greatly enhancing people's ability. For example, the camera can let people view remotely, anytime and anywhere, which is to enhance the ability of human eyes. AI is used to help people identify images, instead of people monitoring at any time. With cloud computing power, we can make more accurate comparison through big data. Evaluate the star rating of the restaurant and regularly generate a comprehensive report on food safety of the takeout restaurant, so as to solve the problem of food safety of takeout in multiple aspects.

According to reports, this exchange meeting was guided by the food safety office of the State Council and hosted by China quality press, aiming to improve the efficiency of food safety supervision and promote the healthy development of the food industry.

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