Develop healthy food and promote high quality development of food manufacturing industry
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In the central economic work conference held at the end of 2018, the first key task to be done in 2019 was to "promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry", which reflected the great importance attached by the Party Central Committee to the development of manufacturing industry, and also the urgent need for China's economy to move towards high-quality development. "Food for the people", China's food industry is the first industry in China's modern industrial system, and also the world's largest food industry. In 2018, the income of the food industry reached 12.9 trillion yuan. At present, the food industry is developing rapidly in the direction of modern food industry, new manufacturing industry and high-tech industry based on nutrition and health. To develop healthy food, meet the needs of healthy diet, and promote the high-quality development of food manufacturing industry has become the trend of transformation and upgrading of food industry.

China's food manufacturing industry has achieved sustained, rapid and healthy development with the high attention of the central government and governments at all levels, and the strong promotion of consumption upgrading and scientific and technological progress. At the same time, there are also some structural contradictions and problems.

  1. The poor international economic environment and the high cost of sales and circulation in the domestic market lead to the lack of competitiveness of food manufacturing enterprises. Influenced by the overall depression of the international economic situation, the export trade of many food manufacturing industries has declined, the domestic operation and circulation costs are high, the efficiency is low, and the operation is more difficult than before. According to relevant data, China's logistics storage costs are two times that of developed countries, and management costs are three to four times that of developed countries. The phenomenon of multi-level wholesale and multi-level retail is common. For each additional link, the average price is increased by 5% to 10%. The main body of circulation is small in scale, scattered in form, many links and poor in efficiency, which is the persistent problem of domestic circulation industry. These costs will eventually transfer to the selling price of food, increase the burden of consumers, and damage the competitiveness of food manufacturing enterprises in the long run.

2. The supply of green and high-quality food does not match the market demand, so the food manufacturing industry needs to promote the supply side reform. The scale of food industry is huge, and the effect is obvious in "quantity promotion". However, the effective supply is insufficient in "quality surpassing". The ability of food manufacturing is strong but not enough. With the upgrading of food consumption structure and the change of life style, consumers pay more attention to the health, convenience, nutrition and safety level of food, but the supply of green and high-quality food does not match the market demand, so it is difficult to adapt to the change of consumption.

3. The lack of brand value cultivation and the uneven development of food manufacturing industry have become the bottleneck of further healthy development of food manufacturing industry. With the continuous development of food manufacturing industry, a number of competitive brand enterprises have grown up. But at the same time, there are some problems in the cultivation of independent brands, such as weak management, inaccurate positioning, lack of features, weak brand maintenance ability, etc., and there are not many domestic independent brands that consumers trust. Brand is the credit of food manufacturing industry, which is of great significance. At present, there is still a long way to go in terms of making the brand bigger and stronger.

4. The development of healthy food lags behind, and junk food and sugary drinks flood the market, affecting the national health. Since the early 1990s, China has basically eliminated hunger, but the lack of trace elements is widespread, and there is an increasing trend. On the one hand, micronutrient deficiency, on the other hand, the energy density of food becomes higher and higher, forming a dual burden of nutrition and health, thus affecting the national physical health. China has become a country with a surge of chronic diseases related to improper diet due to the lack of supervision on high calorie junk food and sugary drinks, the lack of relevant standards, labels and certification, and the lack of nutrition education and taste stimulation for consumers.

Food manufacturing industry is not only related to the economic and social development, but also to the national health level. Only by grasping the changes of domestic and foreign market environment, actively responding to various challenges, phasing out junk food, developing healthy food, improving the effective supply and middle and high-end supply, and realizing the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, can high-quality development be accelerated.

In response, Zhang Xuewu, chairman of yanjinpuzi Food Co., Ltd., deputy to the National People's Congress, suggested:

1. Sort out the pain points in the circulation field and improve the competitiveness of the food manufacturing industry. In view of the persistent problems in the circulation of food manufacturing industry, policies have been issued to encourage the large-scale and efficient operation of the circulation. Integrate various resources, establish and improve the construction of domestic circulation public service platform, so that food manufacturing enterprises can effectively meet the needs of the people. Further reduce the charges of food transportation and circulation, and reduce the operating costs for food manufacturing enterprises. In terms of policy, more support will be given to the export trade of food manufacturing industry.

2. Promote the development of healthy food industry to green and high-precision. Through the national science and technology plan, we will support the basic research of food industry, the application of major technologies, the independence of key equipment, and the industrialization of innovative achievements. We will strengthen technological research, accelerate the breakthrough of key generic technologies in food manufacturing and other fields, focus on solving the contradictions between traditional eating habits and balanced nutrition, and scientific diet, and provide scientific and technological support for the development of healthy food industrialization. Transformation of new and old driving forces and green and high-quality development of the dynamic food industry economy.

  3. Strengthen the brand construction and further highlight the value of the brand. We will encourage brand building in the food manufacturing industry and enhance the management and maintenance capabilities of domestic independent brands. To adapt to the demand of the "Internet +" era, we should pay more attention to the important resource of the brand, enhance the "texture" of the product, and realize the all-around promotion of the brand value.

4. Support the development of healthy food manufacturing industry by reducing taxes and fees. Healthy food can improve public health, reduce disease treatment expenses, promote GDP growth, which is related to the overall situation of economic and social development. It is necessary to reduce the operating cost of healthy food enterprises by improving marketing environment, reducing enterprise taxes and other comprehensive measures.

5. Carry out health food certification through legislation, and use the "health food mark" logo. We should pay equal attention to the supervision of food safety and health as well as food nutrition and health, avoid misleading consumers by advertising junk food, and prevent high calorie junk food and sugary drinks from flooding the market. Establish the responsibility system of regional food safety, nutrition and health comprehensive supervision, strengthen the construction of food health supervision capacity, and build a professional food health supervision organization and team.

6. Deepen nutrition and health education for all. We will increase the publicity and scientific popularization of nutrition and health, so that the public can correctly understand the importance of food nutrition to health. Food education courses are set up in primary and secondary schools, and food trial rooms for primary and secondary school students and their parents are set up in qualified food processing enterprises, so that primary and secondary school students can form a scientific diet consumption habit from childhood. Correctly guide the media publicity, effectively get through the upstream and downstream of food health industry and market consumption, and guide the new trend of healthy diet consumption of the whole people.

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